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I have two files a.txt and b.txt (henceforth a and b).

My script iterates through a, does some operation, and potentially inserts a line to b.

In the event the script stops, I need it to pick up where it left off. In the example below:

  1. foo was copied to b
  2. bar was copied to b
  3. zim was not copied to b (did not pass some criteria)
  4. gaz was copied to b
  5. Script stops (for whatever reason)

When script starts again, how to open a and start on line "dib"?


gaz      // <= last successful copy
dib      // <= I want to start here on next script execution


gaz      // <= note omission of "zim" above gaz


a.txt is almost 1,000,000 lines

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you could create a third file a.txt.ln and store the line number to persist across executions of a.txt. Then, when the script finishes normally, delete a.txt.ln – Jim Schubert Apr 23 '10 at 20:24
Jim, then how to open a.txt starting on a specific line? – maček Apr 23 '10 at 20:30

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Hey Macek - you could use seek to find the line in the original file. Check out IO#seek

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