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I'm in the process of implementing Facebook Connect for my site, everything seems to be working fine so far except that the look of my popup dialog upon clicking on "Login with Facebook" is totally different from what I see on other sites like say Posterous.

I'm only getting a popup with the msg "Do you want to log in to with your Facebook account?" followed by the 2 login fields whereas Posterous has a more detailed dialog box with 2 images and more descriptive text.

Am i missing out on some configuration settings here or?


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The text you're seeing is due to the new Facebook data permissions and permissions dialog changes that will go into effect on June 1st. The new settings also has different text for the dialog when you're logged into Facebook but not yet connected to the site:

[SITE_NAME] is requesting permission to do the following:

Access my public information

Includes name, profile picture, list of friends and all other public parts of my profile

You can switch your app to the old / current Connect dialogs to see the difference by going to the Migrations tab when editing your application and setting "New Data Permissions" to Disabled. But on June 1st, you'll be automatically switched to the new version if you haven't already enabled it.

The new dialogs' text is definitely scarier to the user - I'm a little surprised Facebook is changing the text to this since they always say they want to make connecting as appealing as possible for the user. But we don't have a choice.

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