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this is my set:

alt text

alt text

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You're getting this error because your handler requires you to be logged in as an admin, but you're not logged in on the local server. This is a bit of a bug in the local server implementation - it won't be a problem in production.

To solve it, visit http://localhost:8080/_ah/login and log in as administrator, then try again.

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You may need to set up your Development Server with an SMTP Server or Sendmail.

From the docs:

Using Mail

The development web server can send email for calls to the App Engine mail service. To enable email support, the web server must be given options that specify a mail server to use. The web server can use an SMTP server, or it can use a local installation of Sendmail.

To enable mail support with an SMTP server, use the --smtp_host, --smtp_port, --smtp_user and --smtp_password options with the appropriate values. --smtp_port=25 \ --smtp_user=ajohnson --smtp_password=k1tt3ns myapp

To enable mail support with Sendmail, use the --enable_sendmail option. The web server will use the sendmail command to send email messages, with your installation's default configuration. --enable_sendmail myapp

If mail is not enabled with either SMTP or Sendmail, then attempts to send email from the application will do nothing, and appear successful in the application.

Does it work when it's deployed?

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i'm not sure what your problem is, but i would do the following:

  1. remove that extra NEWLINE in your app.yaml file

  2. follow @conmulligan's advice of faking an SMTP server, which may not be available to you since you seem to be in a PC, in which case it won't work. otherwise keep going and...

  3. make sure you're logged in when in the admin console (that error is from not being logged in)

  4. "send email" to a valid address for your app, e.g.,

if you can't get SMTP working in your SDK development server, you will have to upload it to test your inbound email ability... good luck!

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