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I need to preserve tab characters from a textarea through POST Data. It seems that there's no way to differentiate tabs from spaces in the $_POST array, and this is really frustrating me.

I'm using a jQuery plugin from here to allow for tab and shift+tab usage within a textarea. http://teddevito.com/demos/textarea.html

The jQuery plugin is using this as its Tab character:

$.fn.tabby.defaults = {tabString : String.fromCharCode(9)};

For some reason, it shows an individual space instead of each tab character, so all my code formatting is lost:

<textarea name="field0" rows="26" cols="123"><?php
    echo $_POST['field0'];

This also doesn't work. Apparently the tabs disappear before the data even reaches the str_replace function (the first double quotes is the result from when I press TAB in my text editor):

<textarea name="field0" rows="26" cols="123"><?php
    echo str_replace("    ", "\t", $_POST['field0']);

The reason I need tabs and not multiple spaces is because my application includes on-line code editor.

Anyone have any ideas? I'm guessing the solution would involve modifying the data with javascript before it's sent through POST, but I haven't the slightest idea how to start.

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So if tabs are causing the problem, than why not convert the spaces to tabs right before you process the code and convert them back as soon as possible? –  Wolph Apr 24 '10 at 9:48

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Well it's a bit like killing an ant with a bazooka but you can use the base64 encoding before POST the data:


and decode it with:


It should work really nice but it's increase a lot the size of your request.

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or you can just substitute "\t" with "\\t" using jQuery before the POST and substitute back with the PHP –  Cesar Apr 24 '10 at 10:21

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