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I've forgotten what I set as username and password for mysql database. How could I be able to find it out? I am using wamp server. I am a newbie in mysql.

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Hi there aeonsleo.

Go to this file in: WampFolder\apps\phpmyadmin[phpmyadmin version]\config.inc.php

Usually wamp is in your main hard drive folder C:\wamp\

You will see something like:

$cfg['Servers'][$i]['user'] = 'YOUR USER NAME IS HERE';
$cfg['Servers'][$i]['password'] = 'AND YOU PASSWORD IS HERE';

Try using the password and username that you have on that file.

Hope it helps.

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Thank You It helped. –  aeonsleo Apr 26 '10 at 17:30

Assuming that the user you are using in phpmyadmin has the necessary privileges, you can run this query to change the root password:

UPDATE mysql.user SET Password=PASSWORD('MyNewPass') WHERE User='root';
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Ive executed the above querry now it gives following error.. #1045 - Access denied for user 'root'@'localhost' (using password: NO) –  aeonsleo Apr 24 '10 at 10:23
@aeonsleo: Check out the MySQL documentation for how to change the mysql root password if you have no access: dev.mysql.com/doc/refman/5.0/en/… –  James Goodwin Apr 24 '10 at 21:08

In your local system right,

   go to this url : http://localhost/phpmyadmin/

   In this click mysql default db, after that browser user table to get existing username and password.
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I saw the password but i think this is not the passwd i created. Its a long computer generated one, is that it? –  aeonsleo Apr 24 '10 at 10:02
that password only we used in projects, so use that one –  Karthik Apr 24 '10 at 10:26

One of valid JDBC url is

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Open phpmyadmin, go to database and corresponding table to find it out.

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You know the passwords aren't stored in plaintext right? –  James Goodwin Apr 24 '10 at 9:57
@James Goodwin: Yes, that's true, don't know whether he is storing in plain text or encrypting it. –  Sarfraz Apr 24 '10 at 10:01
The OP is referring to the password for the MYSQL user, not an ordinary password stored in a user created table. By default MySQL encrypts the password in the mysql.user table using the PASSWORD() function. –  James Goodwin Apr 24 '10 at 10:06

There are two easy ways:

  1. In your cpanel Go to cpanel/ softaculous/ wordpress, under the current installation, you will see the websites you have installed with the wordpress. Click the "edit detail" of the particular website and you will see your SQL database username and password.

  2. In your server Access your FTP and view the wp-config.php

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Note that a Sofaculous/Wordpress item is not available in all cPanel installations, so that method cannot be used by everyone. The second requires that you be using Wordpress, which the original question did not indicate. Also, they would not have to FTP to their server, since they're using WAMP on a local machine. –  MidnightLightning Sep 21 '12 at 5:10

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