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I would like to create an application that uses AI techniques and allows the user to record a part of a song and then tries to find that song in a database of wav files.

I would have liked to use some already existing libraries for the audio processing part. So, could you recommend any libraries in C# which can read a wav file, get input from microphone, have some audio filters (low pass, high pass, FFT etc) and maybe have the ability to plot the audio signal as well.

I would prefer to develop in C#, but if there aren't good libraries for audio processing, I guess I could work in C++ as well. As far as I know, Mathlab already has the above mentioned functionalities, but I can't use it in my application.

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Take a look here:… – Diego Deberdt Apr 24 '10 at 10:22

Take a look at FMOD for example, not sure if it can do everything you need though.

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I'm not aware of any publicly available "audio fingerprint / matching" libraries that can deal with short snippets. There's a libfooid project but I think it requires you to record the whole song. Also, the audio device interaction is not part of that library. You have to use another library for recording audio data.

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