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I have loaded Web Site from HDD. Now trying attach it to process WebDev.WebServer.EXE. But in Visual Studio 2010 Web Developer Express edition of VS not exist tool Attach To Process. Is it normal? if yes, how can add this tool or solve my needs?

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Attach To Process is not available in the Expressor the Web Developer Editions. You will need to purchase a full version. See here.

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can I add this functionality? or attach from command prompt? or if it is possible from IIS? Because, I'm not going to purchase a full version. –  loviji Apr 24 '10 at 11:10
@loviji - Nope, this is no different from any other software, there are more features in the paid version...many more features. –  Nick Craver Apr 24 '10 at 11:13

Here is how to use Attach To Process on IIS process, when using Visual Studio Express for Web as your dev IDE:

  • Open your web site project in Visual Studio Express 2012 for Web,
    and browse your dev website in a browser - You can do it by Ctrl+F5 in VS (start without debugging) - this will run w3wp.exe (ISS Application Pool Process - this process will run when your project Web Location is HTTP)
  • Open Visual Studio express 2012 for windows desktop. yes. for "windows desktop" - here will come the trick (-:
  • In the VS for desktop - press Ctrl+O (Open File) - and browse to file in website that you want to debug - [root]/Default.aspx.cs for example.
    Now in the Default.aspx.cs code, set a Breakpoint - for example in Page_Load event code
  • In the VS for desktop - go to Debug menu and select Attach To Process...
    In the Attach To Process dialog - in the Available Process list select your IIS process: w3wp.exe
    Now press Attach button
  • Go to your browser and run the /Default.aspx page

Result: The website run in IIS process, will stop in the breakpoint in the VS for desktop, and you can debug it.


  • This will work only if your website project Web Location is HTTP (this configured when creating the website project in the VS. Google for instructions)
  • I did it on 2012 version, and it may work on other versions as well.
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