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i am adding a new record to xml file

im first quering all existing items and storing the count in an int

int number = query.count()

and then incrementing number by 1;

number = number +1;

now i want to format this value in a string having "N00000000" format and the number will ocuppy the last positions

Pseudo code:

//declare the format string
sting format = "N00000000"

//calculate the length of number string
int length =number.ToString().Length();

// delete as many characters from right to left as the length of number string

// finally concatenate both strings with + operator

help please

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int i = 123;
string n = "N" + i.ToString().PadLeft(8, '0');
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I went to the trouble of making my own extension method for this :( . Thanks for the tip. –  Callum Rogers Apr 24 '10 at 11:59
String output = "N" + String.Format ("00000000", length)

Alternatively if you change your formatstring to "'N'00000000" you can even use:

String output = String.Format (formatString, length)

Which means you can fully specify your output by changing your formatstring without having to change any code.

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var result = number.ToString("N{0:0000000}");


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You can use the built in ToString overload that takes a custom numeric format string:

string result = "N" + number.ToString("00000000");
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Here is a another one ...

result = String.Format("N{0:00000000}",number);
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oops got there before me :( –  Sunny Apr 24 '10 at 12:06

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