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I have a javascript function (very big one!) that I need its functionality in a Java (Groovy) class. It is a simple calendar converter. I can rewrite it in groovy but just want to know if it is possible to call javascript function from a java (groovy) method? I guess functional testing libraries like selenium and Canoo should have something like this, am I right? PS: I don't want to wake up a real-world browser in order to use its JS runtime env.


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As mentioned in the other answers, it is possible to use the Scripting API provided as part of the javax.script package, available from Java 6.

The following is a Groovy example which executes a little bit of Javascript:

import javax.script.*

manager = new ScriptEngineManager()
engine = manager.getEngineByName("JavaScript")

javascriptString = """
obj = {"value" : 42}

engine.eval(javascriptString)  // prints 42

It is not necessary to call a browser to execute Javascript when using the Scripting API, but one should keep in mind that browser-specific features (probably the DOM-related functionalities) will not be available.

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You can use Rhino, an implementation of JavaScript language in Java. Here is example of calling JavaScript function from java, but you can do it from groovy also.

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