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Singletons are so often said to be a bad design choice, so how should you design an application when you want to avoid them?

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They have their uses but like anything you should know when to use them. I would say they could be part of a bad implementation choice rather than a bad design choice. –  James Westgate May 24 '10 at 12:31

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you can use concepts such Dependency Injection to inject the services you depend on (basically the singletons you use) to you, instead of providing a global reference to them

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In particular, DI frameworks can simplify a lot of the wiring required, providing the convenience of a singleton, but with better insulation and the possibility to extend to multiple instances in the future, if required. –  Dan Bryant Apr 24 '10 at 12:51

My 2 cents.

Just design your application in such way that it's realy doesn't matter if it's singleton passed to your object or not.

Consider if you have MySingleton.Instance inside -> that looks bad and you are tightly coupled with this. If you passed MySignleton as a parameter in a method and it's instantiated outside as a MySingleton.Instance or new MySingleton() -> oh well, I still can mock or change it so it doesn't really matter.

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