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Hi I'm new to MVC2 or MVC in general. I'm gone do basic app with a backend. Now I been thinking about how I should do with the folders, views, controllers & routes for the AdminFolder. Now I just saw something called Areas. Is that a way to go for me?


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Sure - ASP.Net MVC 2 Areas is a nice way to organize your site into functional areas.

Suppose you have a site which needs the following sections:

  • Admin - manages the web site
  • Blog - a place to put in a blog
  • Account - a place for registered users to manage their own account ...

You can then consider each of those sections as "areas" of your application & organize them accordingly...


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Is this how you would do, using areas? Or would you just keep the regular structure and do a separate folder for Admin only? –  Dejan.S Apr 24 '10 at 17:35
@Dejan - IMO areas are distinct blocks of functionality in the application. So, I would have separate areas for Admin, Blog, Account since they represent very distinct functionality of the application & I can have each area having its own Model/Views/Controllers & if I want to push it - its own UI master page –  Sunny Apr 24 '10 at 17:56
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