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i need to shorten or better to say ., harden my codes

this is my original code :

if ($type = "recent") {
    $OrderType =  "sid DESC";
}elseif ($type = "pop"){
    $OrderType =  "counter DESC";
}else {
    $OrderType =  "RAND()";

now how can i use markers like this :

$OrderType = ($type = "recent") ? "sid DESC" : "counter DESC" ;

i tried but i didnt know how to write elseif in operators

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you don't need to change your code, it's perfectly readable and fine. –  SilentGhost Apr 24 '10 at 16:21
possible duplicate of Which coding style you use for ternary operator? –  outis Apr 1 '12 at 5:33

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This is called the ternary operator ;-)

You could use two of those :

$OrderType = ($type == 'recent' ? 'sid DESC' : ($type == 'pop' ? 'counter DESC' : 'RAND()'))

This can be read as :

  • if $type is 'recent'
  • then use 'sid DESC'
  • else
    • if $type is 'pop'
    • then use 'counter DESC'
    • else use 'RAND()'

A couple of notes :

  • You must use == or === ; and not =
  • It's best to use (), to make things easier to read
    • And you shouldn't use too many ternary operators like that : it makes code a bit hard to understand, i think

And, as a reference about the ternary operator, quoting the Operators section of the PHP manual :

The third group is the ternary operator: ?:.
It should be used to select between two expressions depending on a third one, rather than to select two sentences or paths of execution.
Surrounding ternary expressions with parentheses is a very good idea.

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I'd suggest using a case statement instead. it makes it a little more readable but more maintainable for when you want to add extra options

switch ($type)
case "recent":
  $OrderType =  "sid DESC"; 
case "pop":
  $OrderType =  "counter DESC"; 
   $OrderType =  "RAND()"; 
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The question is about ternary operators, but I agree, in this case, switch makes a lot more sense. –  luminarious Apr 24 '10 at 16:21
Ah well, the question is to "shorten or better" - less lines doesnt always == better; I like ternary operators but sometimes they just arent the right thing to use. –  Mauro Apr 24 '10 at 16:23

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