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I'm using something like this


I'm just using a simple redirect, but I'm just wondering how I can hide the referrer.


edit: I ended up doing a double meta refresh

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The referrer is attached by the user's browser, not by your server, it's up to them to include it or not

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If by hide you mean to remove it from the address bar than you could use a POST request instead of GET or a custom HTTP header. As a third option you could use a GET request but encrypt the data. Also I suppose you are talking about some custom referrer and not the standard HTTP referrer which might be sent by the user agent.

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If you're really serious about hiding the referrer from downsteam sites, you have options...

For example you could try the service


which offers rediction (i.e. all referrals appear to come from instead of you).

Depending on your goals, you could easily implement a similar service yourself, either at your own domain (e.g. "/generic-referer.html" if you don't want people seeing the deep-linked page from which a visitor is coming) or a new domain that you control.

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It actually hides refereres for P3P-enabled browsers. –  sanmai Aug 16 '11 at 2:47

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