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as described in the title. My backgroundworker is doing its job...finishes the first part and calls the ...Completed event handler. Can I tell here my backgroundworker to proceed with another job by doing DoWork -= OldJob DoWork += NewJob

also DoWorkCompleted -= OldJobCompleted DoWorkCompleted += NewJobCompleted

Is this possible?

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Yes, you can restart it after it has completed. And you could plug in another DoWork first.

But you shouldn't.

A BGW executes on the ThreadPool, so this is not necessary to re-use the Thread. So avoid the mess and just create separate Backgroundworkers for distinct tasks.

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I haven't tried it before, but I guess it would work. Wouldn't you need to change the event handler for ProgressChanged and RunWorkerCompleted too?

I think it would be a lot simpler just to create two background workers instead. Or if the jobs are very similar you could parameterize your existing background worker to be able to do both tasks.

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