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My problem is when I want to refresh data in ExpandableListView while being in that current activity. I create adapter and when I want to add new data to list I call again constructor of that adapter(it is my private variable) with all new data....and then I call onContentChanged() method to redraw my list. But what happens is that I cant expand my list any more...like it is blocked or something and logcat isn't saying anything... This is the code that i call after setting new data in arraylists and maps:

 mAdapter = new MyExpandableListAdapter( 
                        new String[] { NAME ,NUM_PHOTOS},//NUM_PHOTOS
                        new int[] { R.id.rowText1, R.id.rowText2, R.id.photoAlbumImg }, 
                        new String[] { NAME,NUM_PHOTOS}, //NUM_PHOTOS
                        new int[] { R.id.rowText1, R.id.rowText2, R.id.photoAlbumImg } 

If anyone knows answer to this question please help me:) Thanks.

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