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I have a programming blog that was implemented using the default theme of Movable Type. To that, I have added myself a syntax highlighting plugin for adding code snippets. It's not the best thing in the world, but it served its purpose for a long time.

Problem is my administrative interface's editor is no longer working so I think it's a good time to migrate.

What is your experience with blogging frameworks, specially blogs related to programming, that involves a lot of coding snippets?

Is there something out there as simple as what we use here in Stackoverflow (I think it's Markdown, right?)? Is this code formatting engine used here a customized version or is it available for reuse?

I know that the most used engine is WordPress. But for a programming-related blog, is there anything else you would recommend? I am looking for solutions that are easy to maintain (and to add new postings) and extensible.

More than that, where would be a good place to look for templates, since I am not a very gifted designer, I might benefit from freely available or even paid templates.

Additional information

I have one constraint I forgot to mention: it must run on Linux-friendly software, because that's all my hosting supports. Thanks for the one suggestion so far, but unfortunately, I'm stuck with Linux.

Edited to add more information about my constraints

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One month on ... what did you decide on using? – Anthony Cramp Dec 10 '08 at 2:11
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I'd recommend Drupal with the Smartypants Markdown module:

Drupal may be overkill for a programming blog, but gives you a lot of features to explore.

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I use blogengine , open source, aspx, and you can use Windows Live Writer to publish to the blog so that you can write your blogs local, paste pictures and everything and WLW handles the uploading and thumbnailing of the pictures.

And there are a really good plugin to windows Live Writer:

to post code where you can format exactly how you want the code to be formatted, line numbered, selected code rows, what color scheme you want to use and so on. alt text

BlogEngine has a really good plugin-arkitekture and have many themes and its easy to modify or create new themes.

Check it out.

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Thanks for the suggestion Stefan, but as I just added to the post, I'm stuck with Linux for the time being :( Thanks anyway for your tip! – kolrie Nov 6 '08 at 23:21
ah. Ok, new information.. :) I cant help you there. – Stefan Nov 6 '08 at 23:41

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