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I am debugging my ASP.NET application on my Windows XP box with a virtual directory set up in IIS (5.1).

I am also running VirtualPC with XP and IE6 for testing purposes. When I connect to my real machine from the virtual machine, I enter the URL: http://machinename/projectname.

I get a security popup to connect to my machine (which I expect), but the User name field is disabled. I cannot change it from machinename\Guest to machinename\username in order to connect.

How do I get this to enable so I can enter the correct credentials.

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uncheck allow anonymous on the virtual dir and check integrated authentication. also make sure you are not logging into the virtual xp box as guest or a user w/o a password.

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It sounds like you need to allow anonymous users. Can you connect from other machines on your network?

Try changing your virtual directory's authentication settings, so that anonymous users are allowed (MyVirtualDir > Properties > Authentication).

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