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I have made a project using c# .net windows application. I deployed it also, but when I install and run it, it throws an exception:

database not found

Please help me.

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did it rly sy tht the dtbas wsnt faund? kthxbai –  Alex Budovski Apr 25 '10 at 13:36
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This can be one of a million reasons, and without the actual exception, we can only guess.

  • Lets say that you installed on a machine that does not have the actual db installed.
  • Or that the machine does not have access to the db server.

You might want to expand a little on the actual error message, and the Database type. Should it be a MS Access db, that should be installed with the application? Have you created the MS Access local path as dynamic/relative/absolute?

Please give a bit more detail, config for db entry, db type, exception message, etc...

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From the little information provided, I can think of:

  • Check configurations for the correct connection string & if the database does exist at the server mentioned
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