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I'm using Django 1.0.2 and trying to figure out how to get the @login_required working correctly.

When I use the built-in server it redirects to the default login_url, or my LOGIN_URL as defined in as expected.

What is not clear to me is how to deploy to the server where my site is not at the root. In my templates I use the url template tag, and in the views I can access request.META['SCRIPT_NAME'], but for some reason it doesn't seem to apply to the LOGIN_URL used.

What am I missing?


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There is a setting called FORCE_SCRIPT_NAME that you should use to set the location of your script, if it's not hosted at the root directory. You can add it to the login/logout URLs:

# This is needed because we're running the app in non-root directory of web server
FORCE_SCRIPT_NAME = '/myapp.cgi/'

LOGIN_URL = FORCE_SCRIPT_NAME + 'accounts/login/'
LOGOUT_URL = FORCE_SCRIPT_NAME + 'accounts/logout/'


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