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I'm trying to upload an iPhone app binary to iTunesConnect and keep getting the following error message "The binary you upload was invalid. the file was not a valid zip file". I had an app upload ok recently but this app is having problems. So after a while I carefully went through the following steps trying to make sure everything was ok. Any help is appreciated.

The steps:

  1. renamed the project (Project->Rename... enter name into Rename project to:) to release name making sure the name has no spaces.

  2. Cleaned project

  3. Make sure references in build setting reflect new app name
  4. Create new app ID matching project name in iPhone Provisioning Portal
  5. Destroyed old developer and distributer provisioning profiles in Provisioning Portal, in XCode and on iPhone.
  6. Create new development provisioning profile using new app name.
  7. Install development provisioning profile into XCode 8) Build (Release) for iPhone OS 3.1.3 (highest my phone will upgrade to, I'm assuming current released version)
  8. Builds, Installs and Runs on actual iPhone: To me this implys App and developer ID's are OK.

  9. Create a distributor provisioning profile using existing Distributer ID.

  10. Install distributer ID into XCode
  11. Clean
  12. Checked that "Code Signing Identity" and "Any iPhone OS Device" lines in Build settings are set to Distributor ID
  13. Build for release for OS 3.1.3
  14. Check Build results to make sure code is signed with Distributor Profile
  15. Reveal .app file and compress (alt click > Compress "")
  16. Upload to iTunes connect

    Gives "The binary you uploaded was invalid. The file was not a valid zip file"

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First thing to do is to see if you can use a ZIP tool to browse the file. – Hot Licks Jul 18 '13 at 15:38
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Here's some additional steps I try: Quit Xcode after clean (or clean all) then delete the Build folder. I don't "Build and Go", just "Build". The is generally in the "App Store" folder (or whatever you name your build configuration for App Store release. I right click only that file and choose "Compress" in the Finder.

You could also try uploading it with Safari.

It seems like your problem isn't with the provisioning profiles, but with the way the file is being zipped (or maybe uploaded). Try repeating that part, changing details.

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Thanks for the help. It turned out the problem was to do with the fact my project folder was on an ntfs HD. As an experiment I copied it onto my macs HD and it worked perfectly. I don't really understand why this is.

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It may be simply that the file could not be uploaded reliably from the NTFS drive. – Hot Licks Jul 18 '13 at 19:42

NTFS (New Technology File System) is a windows format. You may like to read this:

Now if you will have a NTFS format iTunes will not recognize that format. And iTunes will support or recognize mac extended versions.

So try not to use NTFS or FAT format for ziping up the projects.



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A zip file doesn't "care" what "file system" is used to contain it. It's a sequence of bytes with a (relatively) well-defined format, independent of file system. It is possible that the OP somehow created a (misnamed) "zip" file in Microsoft's proprietary archive format, but that would take some extra effort on his part. – Hot Licks Jul 18 '13 at 15:42

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