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I'm trying to get structuremap to build Fluent Nhibernate's SessionSource object for some of my intregration tests. The only problem is that Fluent's concrete implementation of ISessionSource (SessionSource) has 3 constructors:

    public SessionSource(PersistenceModel model) 
        Initialize(new Configuration().Configure(), model);

    public SessionSource(IDictionary<string, string> properties, PersistenceModel model)
        Initialize(new Configuration().AddProperties(properties), model);

    public SessionSource(FluentConfiguration config)
        configuration = config.Configuration;

        sessionFactory = config.BuildSessionFactory();
        dialect = Dialect.GetDialect(configuration.Properties);

I've tried configuring my ObjectFactory supplying an argument for the first constructor but it seems like it wants to try the second one.

How do I configure my ObjectFactory so that I can choose the first constructor or perhaps even another one if I decide to use that?

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In your registry you can do it like this:

SelectConstructor<SessionSource>(()=> new SessionSource((FluentConfiguration)null));
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