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First some background information;

  • I've set up my SVN repository on my local server at home using VisualSVN Server.
  • Using SSH on (or via php/shell script), i am able to check out a folder from this repository to the webserver, all goes well.
  • Also updates and other svn commands execute normaly and return their messages.

Now comes the problem, and I'm struggling with this for a few days now.

Before I execute the checkout command *svn co http://server_home/folder*, I want to make sure no conflicts are going to happen, so I execute *svn status [folder_on_webserver]*.

But this doesn't return the result as expected, it returns nothing. When I execute * svn status --show-updates [folder_on_webserver]* it returns the following:

       *            newfolder
       *       13   anotherfolder
       *       13   yetanotherfolder
       *       13   .
Status against revision:     16

As you can see it misses the svn codes (A,U,D).

Does somebody knows why the svn update command and the svn codes doesnt work?

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svn status will not work before svn co. You need to have your repository checked out before you can check the status. Use svn up to update.

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