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In Eclipse writing Java, it's easy to suppress warnings on some scopes, by annotating a method or variable within the IDE.

Is it possible to suppress warnings at scopes while writing PHP within Zend Studio 7.0?

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Not that I know of, but in PHP you can use the Error Control Operator to suppress error messages. Mind the Warning though. This won't disable any error annotations given by Zend Studio itself. Which annotations are shown in general can be configured in Window | Preferences | PHP | Editor | Mark Occurences.

Java annotations like @SuppressWarnings don't work in Zend Studio or PHP because PHP does not know the concept of Annotations like Java implements them.

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Not on a section-by-section basis, though you can turn off certain warnings globally via the preferences. Be forewarned, however, that a lot of the warnings you see in Zend Studio would actually cause compiler errors in other languages so it is a good idea to mind them.

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