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Following this question from last year. I am checking two open source ribbon controls:

  1. Fluent
  2. Odyssey

Do you have any experience (good or bad) with any of them? or perhaps know of another open source ribbon control?

Follow up:

After using both of them, I gave up Odyssey cause it had a lot of bugs. I then switched to Fluent and I have only good words to say about it.

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I've been trialling the WPF toolkit. Bear in mind - it's not open source per se - you don't get the source code. However, I believe it is free for use etc.

It's reasonably easy to use and has some reasonable commanding support. The documentation is not particularly in-depth, but it looks good - same as the ribbon used in Office 2007 etc. and has a few themes.

I'd say give it a look before spending money on a third party commercial ribbon control.

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there is one included in the WPF toolkit dont know how good/bad it it. we use one that we bought.

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