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What is the difference between mvc HTML.Control and ControlFor (TextBox, checkbox etc)..

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One is strongly typed. If you have a view that expects a model of type Customer with a property "CustomerName", you can render the value with either way

<%=Html.Label("CustomerName") %> 

<%=Html.LabelFor(a => a.CustomerName) %> //strongly typed

With the second method (lambda expression), you avoid magic strings. You also have the ability to inspect ModelMetadata to perform additional customizations.

Read about Model metadata here:


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The For versions of the HTML helper methods take properties as strongly-typed lambda expressions instead of strings.

For example, the following to statements are equivalent:

<%=Html.TextBox("Description") $>
<%=Html.TextBoxFor(m => m.Description) $>

However, if you rename the Description property, the TextBoxFor call will give a compiler error, whereas the TextBox call will not fail until you visit that page.

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The following article explains the difference in general:


Simply put, HTML.ControlFor is strongly typed, which allows use of lambda expressions and automatically takes the nameof the property specified as the name/id of the control.

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