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Does anybody know a script that is similar to this:

but only not with input fields, but with options, Yes / No.

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No but it would be pretty easy to write one... extremely simplified example below:

<script type="text/javascript">
var product1price = 85;
var product2price = 23;
function CalculatePrice()
    var totalprice = 0;
    if (document.getElementById('product1select').value == "yes")
        totalprice += product1price;
    if (document.getElementById('product2select').value == "yes")
        totalprice += product2price;
    document.getElementById('pricesum').innerHTML = totalprice;
<select id="product1select"><option value="yes">Yes</option><option value="">No</option></select>
<br><select id="product2select"><option value="yes">Yes</option><option value="">No</option></select>
<br>Total Price: <span id="pricesum">0</span>
<br><button onclick="CalculatePrice()">Get Price</button>
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