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Does anyone know of an updated list of refactoring support for different IDEs?

How many of Fowler's refactorings have tool support in popular IDEs? And does any IDE use code smells to any greater extent?

I guess one would have to use addons for some IDEs, so even if I did find an updated list of refactoring support for say Eclipse, that would probably not be representative.

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Code smells are imho very hard to detect, because they are very dependant on the context. Sometimes you want to extract class, sometimes you want to collapse class hierarchy... Decideing is too hard. Still you can use some code metrics (e.g. Eclipse Metrics plugin), but the warnings are just guesses, not even smells imho. – Gabriel Ščerbák Apr 26 '10 at 1:17
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I don't think there is one document on refactoring for all IDEs (like this one, two years old and quite short)

It is better to refer to each IDE to compile oneself such a list:

As for code smells, they are more generally detected by an external static analysis tool like findbugs

alt text

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