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Accidently I created this nice colored effect on my LaTeX TOC: http://i43.tinypic.com/o5aptl.png

Which I like and want to keep, I created this effect like this:


However, as you can see on the TOC sidebar, there was a nasty side effect.

I tried to fix it like this:


But didn't work, the sidebar TOC was fixed but on the TOC list, the blue color was gone and was now red instead (default for clickable TOC heading links)

I also tried:


But the effect was the same, fixed TOC but no color on the TOC list.

Any suggestions?

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You're looking for \texorpdfstring{texString}{pdfString}, which you can supply as an alternate to plaintext as an argument to \section. This should work:

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It worked, but please change your example so that people realize that that should be placed inside \section{} which I didn't realize at first :P Thanks. –  Ricardo Amaral Apr 26 '10 at 1:29
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