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I'm using Emgu.CV which is a C# wrapper for the OpenCV libraries.

I changed the Emgu.CV source to invoke from the latest OpenCV library cv110.dll instead of cv100.dll and now I get this error (where ????? is cv110.dll). I have placed the cv110.dll file in all the same locations as the cv100.dll file however this does not help.

On a broader scale, what is the folder search order when looking for dlls, and are there anyone other reasons for this error.

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It seems there is a subtle difference between those two assemblies. Without code its hard to tell, but I suggest you to take a look to this blog, specially this post: and Suzanne Cooks worked in the fusion/CLR loader, and her blogs has tons of tips and advices for this kind of issues.

Good Luck!

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You need VCRT(Visual C run time) 8.0 SP1, available from the following link:

See this post on Emgu CV discussion forum for more information:

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