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I am trying to setup a dev environment at home. My primary development environment is VS.NET 2008 (now it is VS 2010 Premium) with SQL Server 2008.

Objectives / Requirements : - Should be simple and lightweight - Should have a Visual Studio plugin (cost should be less than $50, if its not free) - should work just fine with continuous integration systems like TFS and CruiseControl.NET - VSS is not an option.

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VisualSVN offers a free, easy to install SVN server for Windows. They have a VisualSVN plugin that integrates with Visual Studio (but is not free - $49 for a personal license).

AnkhSVN is an open source alternative to the commercial VisualSVN plugin for Visual Studio integration but I've never used it before so I can't comment on it.

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What about just using TFS?

Or you could use subversion with ankhsvn for vs integration.

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+1, I use subversion + ankhsvn and it works great. –  Zach Johnson Apr 26 '10 at 2:18

I'm using Perforce's free 2-user license, and I'm pretty happy with it.

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I recommend mercurial or git as distributed version control systems seem to be the latest trend

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Subversion and switch to TeamCity for continuous integration

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If you're developing alone, Perforce is free for up to two people and five machines, and works very well for a single-developer model.

If you don't mind your projects being opensource, Github implements Git servers, or for $5 a month, you can have 5 projects closed-source. That's a very different development model than perforce/cvs/subversion/vss-- take a look at hginit for a tutorial on distributed version control before going this route, it will really help.

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