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I am new to programming and I just jumped in to Django and I need a bit of help. I downloaded the generic reviews model off of Google code and I have no clue how to implement it. Can anyone pass along some guidance on how to make this work with a 5 star ratings system? I would appreciate it. Thanks.

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Depends on what you are using it for. From what I can see, it's designed for a blog of some description (see the reference to posts in the urls.py)

Apart from that, it looks pretty straight forward. Just install into your projects add to your model:

class MyModel(models.Model):
  review = models.ForeignKey(reviews.Reviews)

I guess. I'm not too hot either, but I'd imagine it's something like that.

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That would create a relationship from MyModel to a single Review - probably not what OP is looking for –  Chris Lawlor Apr 27 '10 at 17:11

From looking at the code:

You're mainly going to be using template tags. The reviews app uses generic relations - it stores the contenttype of your model along with its primary key, so you don't need to add any fields to your model.

To get a Review form for an instance of MyModel mymodel, use:

{% render_review_form for mymodel %}

There are similar tags for retrieving the total number of reviews:

{% get_review_count for mymodel as review_count %}

and the average rating:

{% get_review_avg_ratings for mymodel as rating %}

There are other variants of these tags to use if you don't have a reference to the desired model instance in your template. Check out the reviews/templatetags/reviews_tags.py file, it has some comments with example usage.

To retrieve the actual reviews, use the ORM:

reviews = Review.objects.filter(content_object=mymodel)

You can read more about using generic relations in the Django ORM in the Django Contenttypes documentation

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Thanks for your help guys. I have to look over this documentation and figure out how to work these template tags correctly. –  firststepofthejourney Apr 28 '10 at 22:24

There is also a useful django app that has been published at https://github.com/dcramer/django-ratings

Implements a jQuery based rating system for both display and submission of ratings based on number of stars selected.

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