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Is there a way in Java to find the "Last Fired Time" from a Cron Expression.

E.g. If now = 25-Apr-2010 10pm, cron expression "0 15 10 ? * *" (quartz) should return me 25-Apr-2010 10:15am

Note: 1) I do not care if we use standard cron expressions (like Unix and Quartz) or less popular ones if they can fetch me the correct "Last Fired Time" 2) Also it is not literally "Last Fire time" as the trigger may not have fired, but logically there should be a way of telling when it (would have) fired last.

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First, I am not aware of an existing library that supports this. Quartz might, but the standard Java class libraries certainly don't.

Second, strictly speaking what you are asking for originally asked for is impossible. The best that a library can tell you is that the cron expression would have or should have fired. The only thing that could (theoretically) tell you the last time that a cron expression actually fired is the scheduler instance itself.

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Hi Stephen, Thanks for your feedback. I have added a little more info in notes of my question to clear my problem. –  a-sak Apr 27 '10 at 2:21

Quartz seems to have some library support for cron expressions.

See the Javadoc for the CronExpression class, which has a method called getTimeBefore. I.e.,

CronExpression cron = new CronExpression("0 15 10 ? * *");
Date today = new Date();
Date previousExecution = cron.getTimeBefore(today);

It might depend on the Quartz version whether this works.

Looking at the latest source (version 2.1.0 at time of writing) this method has not been implemented and always returns null.

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A solution I have found with Quartz is to go back one time interval for the trigger and calculate what would have been the next firing time. By iterating through all the triggers the most recent time that a trigger should have fired in the past can be determined.

Calculate the interval between each firing:

Date nextFireTime = trigger.getNextFireTime();
Date subsequentFireTime = trigger.getFireTimeAfter(nextFireTime);
long interval = subsequentFireTime.getTime() - nextFireTime.getTime();

Find the next firing time for one time until interval in the past:

Date previousPeriodTime = new Date(System.currentTimeMillis() - interval);
Date previousFireTime = trigger.getFireTimeAfter(previousPeriodTime);

I have found that if you are using a CronTrigger this prevents you asking for a fire time in the past. To work around this I modify the start time, so the above snippet becomes:

Date originalStartTime = trigger.getStartTime(); // save the start time
Date previousPeriodTime = new Date(originalStartTime.getTime() - interval);
Date previousFireTime = trigger.getFireTimeAfter(previousPeriodTime);
trigger.setStartTime(originalStartTime); // reset the start time to be nice

Iterate through all of the triggers and find the one that is most recently in the past:

for (String groupName : scheduler.getTriggerGroupNames()) {
    for (String triggerName : scheduler.getTriggerNames(groupName)) {
        Trigger trigger = scheduler.getTrigger(triggerName, groupName);
        // code as detailed above...
        interval = ...
        previousFireTime = ...

I'll leave it as an exercise to the reader to refactor this into helper methods or classes. I actually use the above algorithm in a subclassed delegating trigger that I then place in a set sorted by previous firing times.

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Difference between the subsequent fires will not be same always. –  Ahamed Dec 17 '13 at 19:23

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