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    var contextMenu:ContextMenu = new ContextMenu();


        var contactList : ContextMenuItem = new ContextMenuItem("Add to Existing List");
        contactList.addEventListener(ContextMenuEvent.MENU_ITEM_SELECT, doStaticListCommand);

        var newContactList : ContextMenuItem = new ContextMenuItem("Add a New List");
        newContactList.addEventListener(ContextMenuEvent.MENU_ITEM_SELECT, doNewStaticListCommand); 

        var removeContactList : ContextMenuItem = new ContextMenuItem("Remove contact from List");
        removeContactList.addEventListener(ContextMenuEvent.MENU_ITEM_SELECT, doRemoveListCommand);

        var deletecontact:ContextMenuItem = new ContextMenuItem("Delete contact");
        deletecontact.addEventListener(ContextMenuEvent.MENU_ITEM_SELECT, dodeleteconactCommand);

        var TimeList : ContextMenuItem = new ContextMenuItem("Add Time Spent");
        TimeList.addEventListener(ContextMenuEvent.MENU_ITEM_SELECT, doTimeListCommand);





In flex i done contex menu , if i rigt click then show context menu item but i want to hidden particular context menu item in list , is it possiable hidden and show particular items in context menu ? please refer me , i tried key value based




        return contextMenu;

Within itemRenderer

All coding on contactListItemRenderer.as and call to datagrid like

 <mx:DataGridColumn  itemRenderer="com.view.Contact.ContactListItemRenderer"
                         dataField="fullName" headerText="Full Name" />
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You can access the custom menu items by contextMenu.customItem and hide/show any particular item. For the build in menu items you can access contextMenu.builtInItems (see the code below):

        contextMenuCustom.builtInItems.zoom = false;
        contextMenuCustom.builtInItems.save = true;
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it's not working Cornel Creanga –  vijayakumar flex Apr 27 '10 at 7:32
Thank you for your response me Mr.Cornel Creanga –  vijayakumar flex Apr 27 '10 at 7:41

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