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What applications/services do you guys used when building websites/web applications with web technologies? Windows? Mac?

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Do you mean what developping tools? Like Visual studio, Dreamweaver, ... – Terry Apr 26 '10 at 8:04
(-1) Vague question... IMO just targeted at "collectiong points". Do you mean front-edn development? Backend? And what "web technologies" - there are so many.... What kind of user profile? E.g. you could use Dreamweaver or MS Expression Web for frontend page editing if you're a designer, but you'll probaby feel much more comfortable in Visual Studio if you're a programmer).. – Virgil Apr 26 '10 at 9:23
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  • Firefox: Firebug
    • Firequery (for better jQuery debugging)
    • Webdevlopper
    • Pixel Perfect
    • Tiny HTML Validator
  • Chrome:
    • The DEV tools for measuring my loading times.


  • Coda (Panic/macos)
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I use dreamweaver as a sort of combination text editor with tag highlighting ability and integrated ftp. I just like the way it feels, I know its overkill and don't need/use the majority of its features. When just throwing a single page together or quick editing, I use a text editor like notepad++ or gedit and filezilla. I like the post with the firebug suggestion though, I might break out of my comfort environment and try the "everything from a browser" approach :D

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SO: Linux

Editors: Gedit (with a couple of plugins) or vim (if editing something remotely)

Browser: Firefox (with Webdeveloper and Firebug)

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eclipse with pdt or notepadd++ on windows gedit on Linux

all kept in subversion or git repository. the deployment is handled by a phing build script. that optimizes and deploys the site.

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I use Visual Studio since our back-end development is based on .NET platform.

VS offers syntax highlighting and also intellisense for both XHTML and CSS which is super handy.

Apart from that:

  • Firefox with Firebug and Dev Toolbar
  • IE8 with Dev Toolbar
  • IETester to quckly test stuff on IE6,7
  • Virtual Machine to run CLEAN versions of IE6 and IE7 for hardcore debugging (say what you want, no tool will ever render website 1:1 the way original, virgin browser does)
  • Opera, Safar, Chrome
  • Notepad++ if my too lazy to wait for VS to load
share|improve this answer and Adobe Flex Builder for Client Development. Flash and Microsoft Expressions 2 for Images, Animations, Labels etc ... C#,Java Script, Action Script is used for Client and Server side scripting. JAVA is used for middle ware/Web Services. Fiddler for script debugging and HTTP traffic checking. SoapUI for web services Testing.

We targeted Firefox and IE for Browsing. Windows XP is widely Used OS.

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I usually use some combination of TextMate and Chrome's developer tools for my personal projects, or Eclipse if it's a Java app.

Though generally there's relatively little HTML coding being done, it's generally a lot of Python/Django or Java/GWT and just enough HTML to glue it together.

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