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I want to display 2 columns of images using "float:left", and I dunno why the 3rd image is on the right.

See screenshot:


       <div class="field-item odd">
                    <img alt="" class="filefield-imagecache-galleryImage" src="http://localhost/bernardi/sites/default/files/Picture%202.png" title=""><br>
<span>description1</span>        </div>
              <div class="field-item even">
                    <img alt="" class="filefield-imagecache-galleryImage" src="http://localhost/bernardi/sites/default/files/Picture%203.png" title=""><br>
<span>description2</span>        </div>
              <div class="field-item odd">
                    <img alt="" class="filefield-imagecache-galleryImage" src="http://localhost/bernardi/sites/default/files/Picture%204.png" title=""><br>
<span>description3</span>        </div>
              <div class="field-item even">
                    <img alt="" class="filefield-imagecache-galleryImage" src="http://localhost/bernardi/sites/default/files/Picture%205.png" title=""><br>
<span></span>        </div>

see CSS:

.field-field-image .odd {
.field-field-image .even {

.field-field-image .field-item {


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It is on the right because there is room beside the first div.

Use clear: left on each element you want to start a new row.

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Alternatively, you can give each .field-item a fixed height. – akamike Apr 26 '10 at 8:43
Although that tends to break if the font size changes (even if the font changes (because the user doesn't have the first choice installed) to one of slightly different dimensions. – Quentin Apr 26 '10 at 8:58

Add margin-bottom:2px to the third image,see if the image goes anywhere. If not margin-bottom, margin-top then.

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