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I'm trying to call a JS function from an SWF which is loaded inside an application tab. As a canvas FBML, the code is working correctly but in case of application tab it's not working.

AS3 Code:

protected function button1_clickHandler(event:MouseEvent):void

protected function callFBJS(text:Array):void 
   var connection:LocalConnection = new LocalConnection();    
   var connectionName:String = loaderInfo.parameters.fb_local_connection;
   if (connectionName) 
      logLbl.text = "Connection Name: " + connectionName; 
      logLbl.text = logLbl.text + "\n" + "Method invoked";

JS Code:

<fb:swf swfsrc="<SWF File>" imgsrc="http://www.easyhealth.org.uk/cmsimages/adobe_flash_1470_1470.jpg" height="655" width="760"/>
  function doSomething(a) 
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I spent a day solving this issue. You have to declare any FBJS function and call it by clicking on an HTML link. After you click, the FBJS-bridge-based calls will work. I don't understand how or why, but this solved the problem for me.

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