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I'm using JMX to save some diagnostic information from a remote process. Looking at the interface in jconsole shows that the return type is CompositeData (the data actually comes back as CompositeDataSupport). I want to output all the key/value pairs that are associated with this object.

The problem is that the interface just seems to have a "values()" method with no way of getting the keys. Am I missing something here? Is there some other way to approach this task?


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If I'm not mistaken you could do

Set< String > keys = cData.getCompositeType().keySet();

(given that cData is a CompositeData object)

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You can find a more complete example with this small program that prints the attributes of all JVM MBeans

In particular:

StringBuffer writeCompositeData(StringBuffer buffer, 
            String prefix, String name, CompositeData data) {
        if (data == null)
            return writeSimple(buffer,prefix,name,null,true);
        final String fieldprefix = prefix + " ";
        for (String key : data.getCompositeType().keySet()) {
        return buffer;

The part:

for (String key : data.getCompositeType().keySet()) {
    [...] data.get(key) [...];

being what you are after.

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