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We have a requirement to display an editable list in a web page.

What would be the easiest way to do that? Farpoint Spread was something I have used to achieve this earlier but it was quite slow when a large number of records were involved and it needed to be coded in VBScript. Besides it wasn't free.

I would be looking for a JavaScript solution and I can't afford to buy one. Also is there anything else you can think of other than a spread?

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Check out http://www.nitobi.com. They've recently gone open source.

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Also found at: code.google.com/p/completeui –  Opulens Nov 7 '08 at 5:07
This is really good..nice documentation too –  sarego Nov 7 '08 at 8:52

I like JQuery.Spreadsheet UI, try this demo, very nice...

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I liked the looks of it..but is it reliable enough to be deployed in production??? It doesnt seem to hav any docs too?? –  sarego Nov 7 '08 at 5:38

FarPoint has an ASP.Net solution: http://www.fpoint.com/netproducts/spreadweb/spread.aspx

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Try this guy: http://www.visop-dev.com/jquerysheet.html , this is on my list of things to try but I haven't got around to it! It's free but I think a donation would be nice.

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