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I'm trying to bend views and drupal to my will. So far I've produced a view to display the titles of my nodes. Each node will be assigned exactly one taxonomy term from the set {X, Y and Z}.

So for example, Node A has a title "Car drives into field, thousands don't care". Node A has a taxonomy term "Pointless".

I'd like to group all the node titles by their taxonomy term. So..

Pointless - Car drives into field, thousands don't care - .... Next Taxonomy Term - ..... - ...... - ...

You get the idea. Is it doable and how do I do it? I can't find the group by option in views.

cheers SO.

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To anyone else still looking for a solution: – cuginoAle Jun 19 '13 at 13:35
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You can use grouping when you use the table row style. Doing that you can group by any field you include in your view.

You could also try out taxonews which could work for your case.

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@googletorp's answer is a good one. You might also pseudo-group by including the term field and sorting on it.

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You can use Views Grouping Row Limit module, In addition, if you want to limit the number of groups, you can apply a patch for that module,

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