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I'm using JQuery 1.3 to validate and submit a form to a PHP page which JSON encodes a server response to display on the original form page.

I've tried submitting the form without the JQuery part and everything seems to work fine but when I add JQuery it doesn't submit and constantly displays the ajax indicator.

Here's my code:


var options = { target: '#messagebox',
url: 'updateregistration.php',
type:'POST', beforeSubmit: validatePassword, success: processJson, dataType: 'json'
}; $("form:not(.filter) :input:visible:enabled:first").focus(); $("#webmailForm").validate({

errorLabelContainer: "#messagebox", rules: { forename: "required", surname: "required", currentpassword: "required", directemail: { required: true, email: true }, directtelephone: "required" }, messages: { forename: { required: "Please enter your forename
" }, directemail: { required: "Please enter your direct e-mail address
", email: "Your e-mail address does not appear to be valid
(Example: name@domain.com)
" }, surname: { required: "Please enter your surname
" }, directtelephone: { required: "Please enter your direct telephone number
" }, currentpassword: { required: "Please enter your current password
" }



$('#webmailForm').submit(function() {



    return false; 


function processJson(data) { $("#webmailForm").fadeOut("fast"); $("#messagebox").fadeIn("fast"); $("#messagebox").css({'background-image' : 'url(../images/messageboxbackgroundgreen.png)','border-color':'#009900','border-width':'1px','border-style':'solid'}); var forename=data.forename; var surname=data.surname; var directemail=data.directemail; var directphone=data.directphone; var dateofbirth=data.dateofbirth; var companyname=data.companyname; var fulladdress=data.fulladdress; var telephone=data.telephone; var fax=data.fax; var email=data.email; var website=data.website; var fsanumber=data.fsanumber; var membertype=data.membertype; var network=data.network;

$("#messagebox").html('<h3>Registration Update successful!</h3>' + '<p><strong>Member Type:</strong> ' + membertype + '<br>' + '<strong>Forename:</strong> ' + forename + '<br><strong>Surname:</strong> ' + surname + '<br><strong>Direct E-mail:</strong> ' + directemail + '<br><strong>Direct Phone:</strong> ' + directphone + '<br><strong>Date of Birth:</strong> ' + dateofbirth + '<br><strong>Company:</strong> ' + companyname + '<br><strong>Address:</strong> ' + fulladdress + '<br><strong>Telephone:</strong> ' + telephone + '<br><strong>Fax:</strong> ' + fax + '<br><strong>E-mail:</strong> ' + email + '<br><strong>Website:</strong> ' + website + '<br><strong>FSA Number:</strong> ' + fsanumber + '<br><strong>Network:</strong> ' + network + '</p>'); 



function validatePassword(){ var clientpassword=$("#clientpassword").val(); var currentpassword=$("#currentpassword").val(); var currentpasswordmd5=hex_md5(currentpassword); if (currentpasswordmd5!=clientpassword){ $("#messagebox").html("You input the wrong current password, please try again."); $('#ajaxindicator').hide(); return false; } }

I have a disabled textbox and some hidden ones. Could this be the problem?

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try to hide /show progress bar on states of ajax request, please check through this code :



remove that $('#ajaxindicator').show(); from your code

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Thanks Chirag! I've taken out the $('#ajaxindicator').show(); from the code and now the indicator appears for a split second then disappears. Thing is, the form still won't submit. –  Steven Buick Apr 26 '10 at 15:21

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