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I am looking for any tool or good solution for handling spell check in the RichTextBox for Silverlight 4. Does anyone know of an existing solution or a good way to implement spell checking support for this control?

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You should take a look at this Free Rich Text Editor from Vectorlight. Includes a spell checker.

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Can its contents be obtained as XAML? – Brendan Enrick Apr 26 '10 at 13:19
@benrick: thats a good question. I know that in the past Vectorlight were experimenting with a SL4 RichTextBox based solution. Whether that is what is actually being used in the final SL4 solution I don't know and/or whether it exposes the Xaml property. Download it and have a look. Also worth asking is, does it need to? – AnthonyWJones Apr 27 '10 at 7:09

Developers Express are releasing a Spell Checker that works with the Silverlight RichTextBox. It has just been released in beta for version 2011.1, the final release should be in a few weeks time.

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Maybe the best route is a third-party component. For example, Telerik's RadRichTextBox supports spell checking with experience similar to the RichTextBox from WPF - with underlines for incorrect words, context menu with suggestions, custom dictionaries, and so on. There is also spell checking dialog similar to the one found in Microsoft Word.

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SpellLight is a lightweight library which will let you do the spell checks against Google APIs.

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