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Hi while I am performing the edit function .. i have a textarea where i type some text and submit

<tr align="left"> 
            <td  class="table_label">Reason </td>
            <td><textarea cols="17" class="text_box_login_14_width_150"  size="5" name="txtReason" id="txtReason"></textarea></td>

when i submit i must receive the value in the edit form

                <textarea id="txtReason"  name="txtReason" value="<?= $row['dReason']?>"></textarea>

but i dont receive the value for text area how to receive the value

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<textarea><?php echo $row['dReason']; ?></textarea>

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For text area the value must be between the start and end of textarea tags

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Unlike <input type="text">, we write the value of textarea between opening and closing tag, rather than specifying in value attribute

<textarea id="txtReason"  name="txtReason">
<?= $row['dReason']?>
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It's not a good idea to have newlines there, i.e., it should be written in single row. Otherwise contents of textarea might have some whitepsace characters that are not present in value that is outputed by PHP. –  binaryLV Apr 26 '10 at 13:12
just did it to look clean –  nik Apr 26 '10 at 13:21

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