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You often see those little 'petal' animations while an image or .swf file is loading in a Flash / Flex application.

Do I have to steal this from someone or is there a standard one available from somewhere. i would think there is somethin standard because everyones looks the same!

Ideally I want a flex Image control that displays such an icon when it is loading for more than 1/4 second.

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You can download that and other icons (as animated gifs) at AjaxLoad.

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thanks, but this is for animated gifs which dont seem to work in Flash. cool site tho –  Simon_Weaver Nov 7 '08 at 6:31
Flash CS3 will import an animated .gif as frames. Do that and save it out as a SWF. –  RickDT Nov 7 '08 at 14:54

Use the aforementioned AjaxLoad.info and load the animated GIF into Flash CS3. Save as SWF.

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Here are a few "loading" SWF files you can use.

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