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I'm trying to search for '[EN]' in the string 'Nationality [EN] [ESP]', I want to remove this from the string so I'm using a replace method, code examaple below

var str = 'Nationality [EN] [ESP]';
var find = "[EN]";
var regex = new RegExp(find, "g");
alert(str.replace(regex, ''));

Since [EN] is identified as a character set this will output the string 'Nationality [] [ESP]' but I want to remove the square brackets aswell. I thought that I could escape them using \ but it didn't work

Any advice would be much appreciated

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If you just want to replace a single instance of it you can just str = str.replace("[EN] ", ""); otherwise; var find = "\\[EN\\]";.

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Thank You very much – Ruth Apr 26 '10 at 13:36

Try setting your regex this way:

var regex = /\[EN\]/g;

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