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Say I have a function handed to me that I cannot change and must use as is. This function takes several objects in the form of

oldFunction( object1, object2, object3, ...)

where ... are other arguments. I want to write a wrapper to take a list of objects. My idea was this.

sjb.ListWrapper <- function(myList,...) {
  lLen <- length(myList)
  myStr <- ""
  for( i in 1:lLen) {
    myStr <- paste(myStr, "myList[[", i , "]],",sep="")

  myCode <- paste("oldFunction(", myStr, "...)")

However, the issue is that I want to use this from Sweave and I need the output of oldFunction to be printed. What is the right way to do this?


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You are looking for

f <- function(x,y,z)x+y+z,list(1,2,3))
[1] 6
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Thank you. No need to reinvent the wheel then. :) – stevejb Apr 26 '10 at 15:06

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