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I'm using a content slider plugin that is nice but lacks one important feature: does not stop auto-rotating slides on mouseover.

Here's the relevant part from the script:

var dotimer = function (x){
    if((opts.auto) == true) {
        if(timer != null) 

        timer = setInterval(function() {
                }, 3000);


Full script can be previewed here

I want the rotation to pause on mouseover and resume on mouseout.

Thanks in advance for your help!

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Found a solution here: http://www.dlocc.com/articles/jflow-slider-auto-slider-with-pause-functionality/

Thanks anyway.

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$(opts.slides).hover(function() {
function() {
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You need to set and clear the timer in the hover event:

var stopTimer() = function () {
    if (!timer) return;
    timer = false;
    function() { stopTimer(); },
    function() { doTimer();   }
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