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I am having a .cs file, i need to execute that file.. I don't have experience in C#.. Please help.. Do we have to install any software to run it..

Currently i am using windows XP..

Please help me...

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Grab the .NET SDK (perhaps not needed, see comments) and see if you can compile your .cs file with CSC.exe Alternatively try Visual Studio Express Edition

But if you don't have ANY experience with software engineering, this might not be the best way to start...

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You don't actually need the SDK - just the framework is enough, as it includes csc. – Jon Skeet Nov 7 '08 at 7:42
@thijs Feels like he just came from the *nix world. – chakrit Nov 7 '08 at 7:48

.cs file is only a file that holds the code, it cannot be executed directly. You should compile/build it first (to executable format) with suitable tools.

You can start somewhere like this: http://www.csharp-station.com/Tutorials/Lesson01.aspx

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A .cs file cannot be executed by itself. It needs to be compiled first.

I'd suggest you download Visual C# 2008 Express, which is free..

And start reading

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Snippet Compiler also can be useful.

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There is this C#-Script project that enables you to run .cs files as a script (vbs-style)

It seemed to me that you just want to execute that single file, so C#-Script should do it without the need to learn any compilings.

But anyway, you'd still need the .NET Framework. Grab that first.

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If you want to do windows scripting in a .NET language similar to C# you could also have a look at Windows PowerShell.

As everyone here has already mentioned - in any event you will need a version of the Microsoft .NET framework to be installed first.

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Download and install the .NET framework from Microsoft, current version at the time of writing is v3.5 SP1 from here.

If you're going to do any serious developement, also download and install the .NET SDK v3.5 from here. This wil give you extra tools and development documentation.

Once you've installed this, it should create an "SDK Command Prompt" for your use. Open this, and navigate to the directory containing your .cs file. Assuming this single .cs file is a complete application that doesn't depend on any other assemblies (like DLLs), you can now compile it. Enter the following in your command prompt (replace the filenames with relevant info):

csc /out:your_app_name.exe your_cs_filename.cs

If all is well with your .cs file, you should now have a working .exe that you can run. If not, you may be back on StackOverflow for debugging advice...

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Use any c# compiler, but the best way is the ms visual studio (or studio express) ms visual studio here

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