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I'm using the Facebook Connect for iPhone SDK at http://github.com/facebook/facebook-iphone-sdk/ and am trying to get the provided demo "Connect" app to work using a Session Proxy.

The iPhone shows the connect dialogue and gives my server a valid auth token which I pass to facebook. Facebook responds with a valid session key and session secret:

<auth_getSession_response xmlns="http://api.facebook.com/1.0/"



When not using the session proxy (which I need to use) the login works fine. Yet when I try the example using the session proxy, the example application returns with "Canceled login" (sic). No other part of the Facebook connect example codebase has been changed.

Is this a bug with the iPhone SDK or is there something extra I need to do for the iPhone to read the XML my server is returning?

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I'm getting something similar. I had session proxy working and it stopped working a few weeks ago for some strange reason, dialog fails with "canceled login" - tracing the code, NSURLConnection is returning an "unsupported URL" NSError. Are you getting the same? –  ambertch May 15 '10 at 20:15

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I managed to fix this. As I was using Django, I had forgotten to set the proper XML headers required for the iPhone library to parse the response as XML.

tl;dr, make sure that your session proxy is outputting an actual XML file! http://hurl.it/ is great for debugging this sort of thing.

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