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I'm planning to make a little applescripts to do some action when iTunes change the song in playing, but i can't found how to put my script to listen for the apple event that should launch iTunes when the track change.

Did anyone knows? i know you can make a objetive-c application can register whith Apple Events Manager to listen for those events but i just want to something simple, so i wanna to do it with an applescript,

i've look around Apple developers docs but i can't found howto do it, so if anyone can help would be great,

thxs anyway.

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Please give credit to has if you are accepting his answer. Thanks –  Philip Regan Apr 28 '10 at 15:44
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iTunes does not issue track change notifications via Apple events, only via NSDistribututedNotifications. If you are on 10.6+, you could always write your listener application using AppleScriptObjC, which may simplify things a little, but you'll have to deal with Cocoa either way.

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ok, thxs. That's kinda what i thought. –  erick2red Apr 27 '10 at 11:52
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