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I'm working in VBA and want to insert a row in a specific location without selecting it. The issue I'm having is that after the row is selected, the spreadsheet is scrolled down to that row when the script is finished running. I want to be able to do this without the spreadsheet being scrolled down to the inserted row.

Rows(i & ":" & i).Select

I don't want to select A1 to get to the top.

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Just do this:


Apply the action directly to the desired range, instead of selecting it first and applying the action to "Activecell".

A few additional notes:

  • The "record a macro" feature generates code like your example, but I find that selecting the cell in advance is seldom necessary when writing your own code.
  • A side benefit: operating on the cell directly instead of selecting it first can speed up your code by a factor of 10x to 100x !!
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Excellent, thanks! – sooprise Apr 27 '10 at 21:47
+1 for mentioning performance – Scorchio Feb 21 '13 at 15:36

Rows(i & ":" & i).Insert will insert a row below without changing the selection.

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